Shipping Info

We ship our packages via FedEx or USPS Priority Mail.  For FedEx, you may choose from Ground/Home Delivery, 2-day, or Overnight services.  In most cases, we recommend that destinations on the East coast of the United States select either FedEx Ground/Home Delivery or USPS Priority Mail.  For destinations on the West coast, you may want to choose USPS Priority Mail since they deliver in 1-3 days.  Below are some answers to questions that should help you select the right shipping method.  If you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to call us toll free at             888-864-4832      .
What is the difference between FedEx Ground and FedEx Home delivery?
Both services are for ground packages.  If you are sending a shipment to a commercial business address, choose FedEx Ground.  If you are sending to a residential address (even if they run a business from their home) you must choose FedEx Home delivery.  Residential delivery is slightly more than delivery to a business, hence, orders shipped to a residence with FedEx Ground as the selected shipping method will not be shipped - we will contact you to select an alternate method.
How long does it take for packages to arrive by FedEx Ground, FedEx Home or USPS Priority Mail?
FedEx Ground and FedEx Home deliver in 1-5 days.  USPS Priority Mail is delivered in 1-3 days.  You can view our ground service maps by clicking here:

FedEx Ground Service Map
USPS Priority Mail Service Map

Is FedEx Ground or FedEx Home or USPS Priority Mail guaranteed to arrive in the estimated number of days?
No.  These services are not guaranteed like overnight or 2-day services, but they are generally very reliable during the majority of the year.  During the rush season, December, you’ll want to allow extra time for delivery, or choose a guaranteed option if you need delivery on a specified date.
What days do these services deliver?
FedEx Ground delivers Monday thru Friday.  FedEx Home delivers Tuesday thru Saturday.  FedEx 2-day and Express services deliver Monday thru Friday, with Saturday delivery available for an extra charge.  USPS Priority Mail is delivered Monday thru Saturday.