Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What type of cookies do you bake?
We bake Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.  Chocolate Chip is by far the most popular cookie in America and Oatmeal Raisin is right up there.  We have found that when it comes to gifts, it is best to stick with a popular choice, increasing the odds that the recipient will actually enjoy the cookie, rather than passing it off to someone else.

Q:  Do you put any nuts in your cookies?
No, we don’t.  We love to eat nuts, but when it comes to gifts, we have found it is better to err on the safe side.  An increasing number of people tell us they have allergies and it is just not worth the risk, so we leave them out. While we do not process nut products on the equipment, we do not prohibit the consumption of nut products are in the bakery.

Q:  How big are your cookies?
We like to call them ‘Mom-sized’ cookies.  They weigh about 1.25 oz. each.  Not too small – not too big – just the right size to enjoy with a cold glass of milk or your favorite warm beverage.

Q:  Are your cookies really that good?
Yes indeed!  We’ve sampled cookies from most of the companies out there on the web and can say with confidence that ours are the best we have tasted.  Sure, there are some ‘good looking’ packages out there, but at the end of the day, it is the taste of the cookie they’ll remember.   

Q:  What is the shelf life for your cookies?
Shelf life is a bit subjective, but we think they are best eaten within 7-10 days.  We bake our cookies with butter and do not add any type of extenders like corn syrup, shortening, or other preservatives.  Basically, you can bake a cookie until it is totally dry or add some type of preservative – we choose to do neither.  One taste and you’ll understand why.

Q:  Can I freeze the cookies?  
We don’t but you can.  If you have more cookies in a package than you can eat (it is rare but it does happen), then you can put them in the freezer.  You’ll want to keep them in their cello bags if possible and put them inside another freezer bag for protection.  

Q:  Is your website secure?
Yes.  We use SSL encryption for your transaction and your credit card number is not stored on our hosting company’s servers.  Our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, is the largest cloud services provider on the web.  

Q:  If I order from your website, will my email address end up on some SPAM list?
Absolutely not!  We use your email to communicate with you regarding your order and to send out our newsletter every now and again, but not usually more than about once a month.  You always have the option to change your communication preferences at any time and it will not hurt our feelings one bit.  We want customers for life and would not think of sharing your information with anyone.

Q:  Where is your store located?
Anna’s Gourmet Goodies’ store is online and our commercial bakery is located in Wake Forest, NC.  It is setup for manufacturing only and is not staffed for retail traffic. Shop our store on the web and open 24 hours a day!

Q:  Can I pick up my order?
Sorry, but no.  We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground. (Expedited shipping is available).  

Q:  How far in advance do I need to place an order?
You should plan on 48 hours during regular part of the year – longer during the holidays.  Orders of 100+ packages may  require additional notice, depending on the products ordered, printing requirements, etc.

For answers to your questions regarding shipping, please visit our shipping information page for answers to your questions including service maps to help estimate when your package will arrive.

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