Client and Employee Gifts

Little things mean a lot

Everyone loves to receive gifts and businesses often send gifts at year end during the Holiday Season. However, sending clients or employees a gift on their birthday or work anniversary is an unexpected surprise that makes a big impact. Go ahead, stand out from the crowd! Simple gesture = big impact.

“We purchase birthday gifts for our employees from Anna’s Gourmet Goodies. My employees are appreciated and I find their service affordable and very easy – I send Anna’s our list and they take care of all the details.”

Asia Fowler
Gina Scott & Associates inc.
Cloud based accounting advisory and bookkeeping services

We do the work. You get the credit

We’ve developed a process and application for monitoring and managing when to send gifts. All you have to do is provide Anna’s Gourmet Goodies with the list, what you want sent, and we’ll take it from there. Throughout the year, your clients and/or employees receive their package and custom note from you on or before their special day. How easy is that?

Distribute cost

Sending gifts throughout the year can distribute the cost over time. Of course, you may still choose to send something at year end, but you’ll rest easier knowing that the money you invest has made an impact throughout the year.

How do I get started?

Anna’s Gourmet Goodies has a well tested and defined process to make this an easy benefit to implement for your clients and/or employees.

Call, email, or complete this form. Tell us the approximate size of your list and how much you’d like to spend on each recipient.
We look through our site and select options that fit your needs – or tell us what you like.

You’ll always make the final decision, of course. We create a custom label and note card, at no charge, send you proofs for your approval, then include it in every package.
Once a month we charge your credit card and send you complete billing and tracking information.

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