Gourmet Chocolate Brownies

For chocolate lovers, brownies are often the ultimate comfort food.  As with cookies, there are many opinions about what type of brownie is best, including other ingredients such as nuts, frosting or not, etc.  After many iterations, our original recipe is simple and ultimately satisfying for those who love rich chocolate. 

Anna’s Gourmet Goodies brownies were awarded the prestigious title of Grand Champion in the NC Specialty Foods Association ‘Best in Taste’ Awards.

Gourmet cookies and brownies up close in a large gift box

Our recipe is simple and starts with organic whole wheat pastry flour from Lindley Mills as our base.  It is the only flour we use and is a combination of uncompromising quality and historical tradition from a company founded in 1755 and still owned and operated by the descendants of founder, Thomas Lindley.

For chocolate, we add both melted chocolate and rich cocoa powder, giving our brownies an incredible flavor profile that is both moist and chewy.  We use real grade AA butter, whole eggs, non-GMO cane sugar and pure vanilla extract.  We don’t add nuts, icing or anything else that would detract from the chocolate delight awaiting the recipient.

We bake them until done in Italian paper molds, giving them their unique round shape.  They are big, soft, moist and a treat for anyone who appreciates rich, dark, chocolate. Gourmet chocolate brownies are the perfect gift to create lasting memories for any recipient.

Brownie Bites – create your own style

Are you into ‘brownie bites’?  Our brownies are perfect for creating your own tasting board.  Simply cut brownies into 6 pieces, pour a couple of cold glasses of milk, top them with your favorites (or not) and enjoy.   Here are some examples to try:

Just brownies

Our brownies are incredible all by themselves. Cut them into pieces, pour a glass of milk and enjoy the rich, moist chocolate.

Brownies with Honey & Mint

Mint and chocolate are a classic combination. For this topping, I picked some fresh mint from the garden. After a rinse, I cut the leaves into small strips. I added them to a saucepan and covered with honey. Heat them over low to medium heat for 3-5 minutes, until just getting tender. Cool and top the brownie bites. These were ‘over the top’ good.

Brownies with Black Raspberry

Once again, I nabbed a few black raspberries from the garden before the birds got their fill. After a wash, I made some icing from powdered sugar and a tiny amount of whole milk. Mix it together to a thick consistency, and top with a raspberry. These black raspberries are tart and were the perfect companion to the little bit of icing and rich chocolate brownie.

Brownies with icing drizzle

I added a little more milk to my icing mixture, allowing it to drizzle over these brownie bites. Just a little sweetness to compliment the rich chocolate. Yes, they were good!

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