Gift Tower of Cookies and Brownies

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People love getting a tower of gourmet treats and our incredible gourmet cookies and BIG chocolate brownies are a terrific combination. They're made by hand, with simple ingredients, chosen for their uncompromising quality. We use 100% organic whole wheat pastry flour, AA grade butter, farm fresh eggs, pure cane sugar and real dark French chocolate. No additives, preservatives, extenders or other such nonsense in these incredibly delicious homemade treats. Just add milk, make some friends and enjoy!

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Package contents: (12) cookies (4) BIG Chocolate brownies This gift box is made from 100% recycled materials.

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(A word about shelf life:  There is not an exact formula, but our cookies are best consumed in 5-7 days - brownies last a bit longer.  If you are ordering and planning on distributing these yourself, please contact us for a ship date, or plan on getting them to the recipient immediately upon receipt.  We want to make sure every experience with our products is the best it can be!)

This gift tower can be customized with your choice of ribbons and white or kraft boxes.  Inside, the recipient will delight in tasting our gourmet cookies and dark chocolate brownies.