Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies

Practically every website you visit for companies that sell chocolate chip cookies all say basically the same thing, ‘Ours are the best made from the finest ingredients’.  We’ve tried a fair number of cookies from online vendors, including the global brands.  And while they might be considered ‘good’, we prefer ours because of the taste, and the story behind our ingredients.

Gourmet chocolate chip cookies

They start with flour.  We’ve been using organic whole wheat pastry flour from Lindley Mills from the very beginning.  Lindley Mills was a business before America was a country.  Founded in 1755 by Thomas Lindley, his descendants own and run the operation and the next generation is in place to continue the tradition.  We purchase direct from the mill, giving us a connection to those that make the flour and a unique perspective on the history of our country.

We don’t put anything else in our chocolate chip cookies that you can’t pronounce or would not find in your grandmother’s cupboard.  We use real grade AA butter, crack whole eggs, use non-GMO cane and brown sugar, pure vanilla extract and real semi-sweet chocolate chips.

We combine those ingredients in our own special way, each made by hand in small batches.  We bake them to golden perfection before packaging them for shipment, direct to the recipient.  Our goal is that everyone who receives a gift of our chocolate chip cookies will experience a moment of happiness, transporting them back to a simpler time and creating a lasting memory.  And this is why we believe our chocolate chip cookies are special.

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